Foundation for Care of Our Children

The main aim of the Foundation is to support the people with severely multiple disabilities and and improve the quality of life of their families. We organize programs and run activities that have an impact on the whole society by raising awareness of their problems and changing their attitude. Since this group of disabled people are the most vulnerable one and need the most support because of their circumstances, the scope of the operation of the foundation focuses on the widest possible target in the mainstream society as well.

For easing the daily life and the caring processes of the people with severely multiple disabilities, the foundation the foundation run its activities in the following topics: healthcare, illness prevention, healing and medical rehabilitation.

Organizing lectures, conferences, workshops and other services are the important methodologies we use.

We also support the families who raise people with severely multiple disabilities at their home with social and mental health services such as organizing parents’ club, family counselling, summer camps and free time activities.

The main partner organization of the foundation is a state daily care institution, where 36 young and adult people with severely multiple disability are being cared on weekdays daily. With the help of grants and donations the foundation financially supports its operation by organizing raising awareness and information disseminating events, by supporting trainings and educational programmes;

by doing therapies, such as dog-therapy and sound-therapy and other events such as the Special Bowling Cup Championship.

We represent the interest of our target group in conferences and professional platforms, take part in the work of professional organizations.

We support equal opportunity as a core value.

We consider as an essential aim to stand by the people with severely multiple disabilities living with their families. In order to this we would like to raise money for a building Supported Home Care, which will be a shelter for them to run a dignified life when their parents and families won’t be able to support them anymore. This home will be a safe place, a kind of centre, which provide 24/7 professional medical services and development programmes to raise the quality of their life. It would be a similar high-quality centre such as our partner organization for the daily care. The current regulation in Hungary should provide Supported Living environment for this purpose.


We are glad to accept donations for our aims and objectives.

In case you have further questions, please send us messages here.

Please support us – remember: every little help is a drop of hope for us!

Our bank account: OTP 11715007-20384157